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Our aim is:


  • To help our junior teams reach the highest standard of cricket within the relevant league structure, with all players given all opportunity to develop to the best of their ability.

  • To promote youth development to serve the current and future playing strength of Chirpy’s Cricket Club.

  • To give fair and equal opportunity to all players across all teams to perform whether that be in league matches, friendlies, or inter-club matches.

  • To select an appropriately competitive and balanced side wherever possible.  

  • To minimise the scope for less able players to be exposed at an inappropriate level. However, we may on occasion get this wrong, and on the other hand, we will attempt to push your child's learning by getting them to play at a level that challenges them.

  • To create an inclusive environment and value the differences of all players.

  • To uphold the “spirit of cricket” and the Chirpy’s Cricket Club “player code of conduct”   


We understand children enjoy testing themselves and playing for an older age group; we have no problem with this. However, this will not be permitted where in the opinion of the coaching staff it is detrimental to or tend to supersede the needs and development of the children in any particular age group.


It is the aim and the purpose of the Club to encourage Junior players of all abilities to participate in and play recreational and competitive cricket. Our coaching strategy is based on the idea that each player should be developed as far as possible to his or her maximum potential.


We also must be mindful of the amount of cricket a child plays and are bound by strict ECB guidelines that govern junior cricket.


We understand a child may want to play in every game possible and we may want this too; but, if we feel that this would be against the playing guidelines, we will not allow the child to play. We also must be mindful of the amount of match exposure all our children receive and must provide an equal opportunity for all our members.


It is a vital part of being a Club member that parents understand and are supportive of the selection policy used. How each age group chooses its teams is ultimately the decision of the age-group team manager/coaches but elements of the following will be common to team selection policy :-


Motivation, Commitment and Attitude

Players who try hard at training and in matches serve as valuable example to their teams. Player commitment may also be used as a criterion in match selection.



To be selected to represent the Club is a privilege and not a right. As such it needs to be earned. Bad behaviour by players will not be tolerated and the team manager/coaches has the discretion to use team selection as a sanction against bad behaviour if he or she sees fit.



Cricket is a competitive sport and the Club has a responsibility to develop talented players to their full potential as well as those with more developmental needs. This means that some age groups may operate squads streamed on ability to help ensure that the coaching is delivered to a level most appropriate to players’ abilities. Team selection will also be based partly on ability, especially older juniors. However even for the oldest juniors it will rarely be the case that selection will be based on absolute ability alone. Some team selection may also be affected by the ability of the opposition. It is not in the interests of any Club to be on either side of a mismatch and coaches may select accordingly.



Children will normally be available for selection in the team for their age group. Subject always to league regulations, specifically nominated younger players may be available for regular selection for a higher age group team with the approval of their parents and the team manager/coaches. Other children shall not normally play for a higher age group if there are children in that higher age group available and happy to play in a scheduled game. In addition, subject to league regulations, girls may play in their age group and also up to 2 years below at the discretion of the team managers/coaches. Hence an U12 Girl may play for U10 and older.


Attendance and Availability

Players need to attend training sessions as well as matches. Players who turn up week in week out for training and who make themselves regularly available for matches will, to some extent, be given precedence over those that do not. The extent to which attendance and availability are used as the basis for selection is decided by the managers and coaches.


If you have any questions re the policy, please speak with the appropriate age group manager or with the Club’s Director of Cricket, James Caunt.

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