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Chirpy’s Cricket Club aims to provide cricket at appropriate levels for all of its players whilst also setting the highest standards of behaviour and sportsmanship. 


The following Code of Conduct should be observed by players in all matches: 


1. Whilst it is recognised that games can become very competitive and hard fought, the following are UNACCEPTABLE: foul or abusive language on or off the field of play, intimidation, aggressive behaviour or deliberate distraction of opponents by words or actions, dissent or disagreement towards umpires. 


2. Dress and appearance, both on and off the field, should be in keeping with the traditions of Cricket. Clothing should be clean and in good condition. Players are required to wear Club clothing at training and on match days.


3. The ground, buildings and club property (both home and away) should be treated with respect. Local practice rules should be observed. Sensitivity and courtesy should be shown to local residents. 


4. Younger players, particularly juniors, need encouragement both on and off the field. Disparaging comments about their ability are unhelpful and unacceptable.


5. During Club fixtures the conduct of the team is the responsibility of the Captain or Vice-Captain, whose directions should be followed at all times. Breaches of this Code of Conduct will be viewed seriously by the Club. They will be dealt with initially by the Captain or Vice-Captain and if necessary by the Club Committee.

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