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Where are the classes held?

The classes are normally held in local Community Centres, Schools Sports Halls and Leisure Centres.


What does the class involve?

The class is a structured session which involves a warm up, multiple skills, games and physical exercise. There is a multitude of physical and educational skills, but most of all its about taking part and having fun!


How long does the session last?

Each class lasts between 40 minutes and an hour – for the younger children we do ask if parents could stay for the duration of the class.


What do I need to bring to a class?

We advise you bring refreshments for your child, especially a drink for during and after the class.


What should my child wear?

We advise your children wear the clothes and footwear they feel most comfortable and confident in. Please remember sun cream and hats for sunny days, as classes will be outdoors if weather permitting in the summer months. For the children moving over to hardball cricket, full protective cricket kit will be required.    


Can parents participate?

Parent participation is encouraged for the younger age groups and parents can participate for the older ones if they wish, however this is normally not necessary.

How many children do you have in a class?

One lead coach is permitted to take 10 children in one class, however, normally a lead coach would have an assistant coach for classes of 10 children or more.

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