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Chirpy's Cricket Club Receive Brand New 2G Flicx Cricket Pitch Thanks to Low Carbon

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Chirpy's Cricket Academy is delighted to have received the very generous donation of a 2G Flicx cricket pitch thanks to Low Carbon.

The new equipment will help the club adapt and advance their skill in different locations around the Island, whilst having fun!

Director Of Cricket James Caunt said “We have so many exciting ideas where we can use the pitch to create some pop up cricket events on the island and help us take the game of cricket anywhere. The upgraded 2G surface provides such good pace and bounce even in areas that you would never be able to play cricket usually while the colour coded tiles in the 2G Flicx skills pitch help aspiring cricketers to focus on their areas when bowling and batting. It also makes the game look more fun and exciting”

About Low Carbon

Low Carbon is committed to making a positive and significant impact on the causes of climate change by investing in large-scale renewable energy projects.

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