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Chicks to Join Chirpy's Line-Up in 2021

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Chirpy’s Chicks is a new initiative for the 2021 season which will give the opportunity of getting more woman and girls into Women’s Cricket.

Cricket is an ideal way to spend the long summer evenings keeping fit, learning new skills and meeting new people. It's a very sociable game and to make it a little more fun we have marketed this as ‘Wine and Wickets’ which we hope to be great success at the club!

We are welcoming all abilities, from beginners to pros.

Are you:

· a mum of an Academy player.

· a wife, girlfriend or friends of existing players.

· a daughter / sister 13+ of existing players.

· a local female sports team wanting a social for the summer.

· a secondary school student.

· an ex-player who fancies getting back into cricket.

For more information and how to register with Chirpy’s Cricket Club for the 2020/21 season, please contact or refer to our Facebook page Chirpy’s Cricket Club.

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